Envair maintain basic parameters of velocity, particle count, micro-organism count, pressure, flow, temperature, humidity, flow pattern, levels of Electrostatic charge, vibrations, lux output, UV output, Electrostatic Cleaner & activated charcoal filtration equipments are also maintained.
Cleaning of pre-filters, ESP Collectors, blowers, sash movements, HEPA Filter leakage, damper control and upkeep of equipment and refurbishing of clean room is done for maintenance of above parameters.
Annual Service Contracts are taken for various equipments and clean rooms. At the same on call services are given whenever desired.



Company owns various instruments like Particle Counter, Velocity Meter, DOP Test Equipment, Lux Meter, DB Meter, Vibration Test Meter Static, Charge Meter, HV Tester, Temperature / RH Meter etc. which are needed for validation of equipment and clean room.
Company has expertise and alliances to design system for validation for specific segments like pharma industry, hospitals, precision engineering industry etc. This is undertaken for internal quality control measures. Company can also undertake accreditation from various agencies like FDA, NABL, WHO, DNV, Defense etc.


Through lectures, Video shows, mail and personal interaction, we educate various aspects of Clean Air Equipment and Clean room operation, monitoring, control and maintenance.


Envair maintain stock of Spare Parts required for various Clean Air Equipments such as HEPA Filter (Manufactured in house) Pre-filter, Impeller (AL / GI) Blower Motor Assembly, Microcontroller based Controller, Power Pack etc. Clean room Garments like Hand Gloves, Head Gear, Antistatic Slippers, Apron, Mask, Shoe cover and Clean room accessories like wipes, tacky mats, etc. These spares can be supplied within 24 hrs from the time of commercially clear order.

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