In any working environment, particularly in commercial 7 industrial establishments, computer facilities, telephone exchanges, precision shops, suspended particulate matter like dust, pollen, smoke needs to be eliminated to ensure high quality performance by both men and machines. ENVAIR Electrostatic Air Cleaner is an ultimate effective solution to this problem as it provides clean air for all applications by recycling interior air, while saving energy costs. It purifies air efficiently without exhausting heated or cooled air. In a typical Application like currency chests in banks, no other conventional air cleaner can be effective than envair electrostatic cleaner to remove contamination from superfine dust on hates. Electrostatic Air Cleaner work on the principle of electrostatic precipitation.


CONSTRUCTION The unit is sturdy, being made of CRCA sheet metal, welded and finished in stoving enamel paint for long life.
Maintenance Negligible �?The Aluminium stack is simply removed washed and is put back in position as are the fabric filters.
Safe Operation The unit has dual protection system. When dust layers become thicker, the efficiency drops. The protection system operates, preventing damage to power pack and stack. It also gives indication as to when stack should be cleaned. The unit trips when back door is opened for maintenance
Versatile The unit can work independently in a room or along with centralized air conditioning system. Ceiling suspended units are offered for various applications, which include pharmaceutical industries, restaurants and cinema halls.
Low Power consumption Unit draws 230 VAC single phase 50 Hz power, so no special input provision is required.
Silent Operation Dynamically balanced motor and blower assembly reduces both noise and vibration of the unit.
Operating system Airborne particles are filtered off in three stages
  1. In the first stage, particles are drawn in the unit and are passed through a pre-filter made of High Density Poly Ethelene.Large particles of size 15 microns to 20 microns are filtered here.
  2. The particles are given a positive high voltage of 12 kV with the help of an ionizer and in- built power pack. These charged particles are passed through the stack assembly consisting of a series of Aluminium plates fixed at a close distance, alternately carrying positive and ground potential. The positively charged particles while traveling through the stack get repelled by the positively charged plates and are deposited on plates having zero potential and are separated from air.
  3. In the last stage a post filter is used to achieve uniform flow. Thus dust precipitation level up to 0.1 micron particulate size can be achieved and clean air is released for recirculation.
Optional- Cleaning or Washing Arrangement Semi or fully automatic washing arrangement dry or wet can be provided With self contained water tank, detergent, heater, and timer and waste tank. For dry dust, the cleaning is possible by just conventional air blower or rapping.
TESTING Each unit is thoroughly tested at our works and exceeds requirements of ISO STD 14644 Class �?100.



Overall Dimensions(mm)
Weight (Kgs)Approx
Air Handling Capacity
15 m3/min
30 m3/min
Power Consumption(W)approx
Input Voltage
Filteration efficiency
Average efficency 70-85%ASHRAE 52-76 dust spot method
M.S.;CRCA Stove Enameled Painted
Stack Assembly
Aluminium treated for better efficiency



  • It can filter dust as well as odours with use of activated Charcoal filter
  • If used with negative ionizer, it helps to increase mental Alertness, energy of working People, ultimately increasing the quality and productivity of The work
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  • Airpurifier
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